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This website (the “Website”) was designed and is maintained by Cyber-ish, LLC (“Cyber-ish”). Cyber-ish is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of the information collected by this Website, how Cyber-ish uses that information, and how Cyber-ish protects the personal information you provide.

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Cookies and General Privacy Policy

 The features of the Website described below use cookies to collect your personal information for the specified purposes described below. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer, and they are required to make the applications provided by the third-party vendors described below functional. Your web browser may allow you to disable or remove cookies from your personal computer.

Cyber-ish only collects personally identifiable information for the purposes of responding to inquiries initiated by potential clients and requests for service from existing clients. Cyber-ish’s policy is to maintain these requests for a period of five years in order to ensure compliance with subpoenas and other legal processes. However, Cyber-ish will not release this information in response to a subpoena or legal process without giving you notice and an opportunity to prevent the release of your personally identifiable information, unless applicable laws of the United States or one of its states gives the issuing authority the right to issue legal process without notice to you. All notices to you will be sent to your last known e-mail address, as provided by you to Cyber-ish.

Except as required to respond to a service request or to comply with government process, Cyber-ish does not process the personally identifiable information you submit as set forth above. Cyber-ish does not collect personally identifiable information unless you initiate a service request. Cyber-ish has also exercised reasonable efforts to ensure that the third-party applications described below do not collect any personally identifiable information from you through Cyber-ish’s website, including by an evaluation of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the third-party application.

Google Analytics

As part of its ongoing efforts to maintain and improve Cyber-ish’s quality of service, the Website uses Google Analytics to obtain general marketing statistics that do not personally identify you in any way. The Google Analytics Terms and Conditions explicitly prohibit Cyber-ish from providing Google with personally identifiable information, and Cyber-ish complies with this requirement by utilizing the application code provided by Google without any modification. The Google Analytics Terms of Service are available at, further information regarding Google Analytics’ collection and use of information can be found under the heading “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services” at, and a sample Google Analytics report is available at Google’s cookie policy can be found at To ensure compliance with Google’s requirement that personally identifiable information not be submitted to Google Analytics, Cyber-ish has used code supplied by Google.


 Although Cyber-ish has exercised reasonable efforts to ensure that its third-party applications do not use your personally identifiable information except as specifically described above, and that the third-party providers of these applications have implemented adequate measures to protect against the disclosure or misuse of your personal information, Cyber-ish does not control and is not responsible for the actions or omissions of these third parties. If you have reason to believe a third-party application used by Cyber-ish has resulted in the disclosure of your personally identifiable information, please notify Cyber-ish immediately using the contact information above, and Cyber-ish will exercise reasonable efforts to assist you with the process of raising your concerns to the third-party vendor or to an appropriate enforcement authority.